Re-Marketing Strategy

Through a combination of PPC campaigns across channels, we develop re-marketing strategies that provide touchpoints for customers and potential customers throughout the marketing funnel.

Our Process..

Determine Your Audience

The most effective re-marketing strategy is to target all previous visitors to your site as one audience.

Select Your Keywords

This will determine when your ads appear. Because you’re targeting users who have already visited your site, you can be more broad with your selection here.

Create Your Ad

Here you decide what you want your audience to see. Once again, these are people who’ve visited your site already. You can create something a bit different.

Solidify Your Customer Base…

These processes are part of a strategy aimed at establishing a tailored customer base, specific to what YOU want.

The RTC Way..

The goal of re-marketing is to capitalize on any interest that has been shown in your project. By targeting a demographic that has already demonstrated a keen interest, you can create a campaign with a higher rate of converting interest to customers.

John Keh


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