Online Reputation Management

Even the best of projects get hit with FUD. RTC helps you combat it and bounce back stronger with our reputation management services.

Our Process...


Through social media analytics, listening tools, and more, we dig deep into the reason for the uproar and why your community’s reacting the way it is. We then develop an action plan and also supply you with quality content to ensure you don’t go dark when you need to communicate the most!


FUD hits every project in crypto. Most crumble under the pressure, but with RTC’s deep understanding of crypto communities, we help you counter it with a clear and precise messaging and crisis communications plan so you regain your footing as soon as possible.

Online Presence Reinforcement

Post-FUD, it’s important to come back strong and reinforce your presence. RTC ensures your brand returns to form through SEO, paid promotions, and leveraging our partnerships with industry-stalwarts like Cointelegraph.

Your Online Reputation. Managed.

We understand the importance of managing your online reputation in the digital age. It doesn’t matter if you’re a crypto start-up or an established project, your online reputation precedes everything you do. With our tactics you’ll bounce back and brush off FUD in no time.

The RTC Way...